Glimpse Into Roman Klčo’s Charming 3D Cutaway Spaces

boarsart / January 12, 2021
Above: “Enchanted Forest”. All images © Roman Klčo. Shared with permission.

The alluring slices of 3D rooms and spaces are a staple of Roman Klčo’s a Slovakian 3D illustrator and designer who specializes in this kind of low-poly 3D artwork. The geometry of each scene isn’t too complicated, but the expertly crafted lighting, coupled with careful material (shader) design makes each scene inviting, engaging, and unique.

Roman uses Blender as his tool of choice for creating these scenes. Blender is both free and open-source, and is getting up to the level of quality where it may actually become an eventually accepted standard (or at the very least, a viable option) in the 3D industry. A free professional-grade tool would be a godsend in this industry, which is currently dominated by Autodesk products such as 3D Studio Max or Maya that can cost thousands of dollars for a yearly license.

Many of Roman’s designs have in depth tutorials available for purchase at Polygon Runway, a site he runs where you can learn how to make these 3D Illustrations yourself. You can follow Roman’s work on Dribble and Instagram (@polygonrunway).

Patronus Charm
Cloud 66 Police
Control Room
Night Shift
Martian Colony
Gift Shop
Cyberpunk Archway
Christmas Hearth
Scientist Lair
Walk In The Park
Barber Shop